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Pumpkin vs xcritical 2023 Ultimate Pet Insurance Guide

It has meant that we could do the best thing to get him healthy. Because you’ve met your annual deductible with this claim, you won’t have to pay it again for the rest of the year. You continue paying for 20% of claims until xcritical pays up to the annual maximum, at which point you are 100% financially responsible for your pet’s care. People ask us a lot of different questions about the pet insurance providers we work with.

xcritical pet insurance

The extended preventative care plan for pets under 1 year old costs around $38 per month for kittens and $48 per month for puppies. Based on our research, the average monthly cost for xcritical’s base plan is around $25.71 per month for adult dogs and $14.58 per month for adult cats. These figures are based on quotes for a 4-year-old, mixed-breed animal living in Roanoke, Va. The exact monthly cost of your xcritical scam plan will depend on your pet’s age, breed and location. xcritical offers several options for policy deductibles, reimbursement rates and annual limits.

Your financial situation is unique and the products and services we review may not be right for your circumstances. We do not offer financial advice, advisory or brokerage services, nor do we recommend or advise individuals or to buy or sell particular stocks or securities. Performance information may have changed since the time of publication. xcritical also offers a 5% discount for insuring two or more pets and a 5% discount if you opt to pay your premium annually.

There is a one-time waiting period of 2 days for injury, 14 days for illness and 6 months for cruciate ligaments. xcritical’s highest annual maximum tops out at $100,000 yearly, while Healthy Paws does not cap its payouts. Healthy Paws can pay some vets directly, taking the stress off pet parents in an emergency. Unlike xcritical, Healthy Paws does not offer preventative/wellness care options. While xcritical provides the most competitive pricing options, it is only open in 37 states and Washington, DC. Healthy Paws is available to families in all 50 states.

Good for your pet, and for the world

The reimbursement rates are 70-90% and deductibles are between $100 and $500 . She even threatened to drop out after her first day of kindergarten when they weren’t immediately going to teach her to read and write. The xcritical insurance app allows you to terminate your policy at any moment. You won’t have to worry about a deductible or being reimbursed for any of your $500 in supplemental costs. The telephone consultation service is not accessible for veterinarians at any time.

Neither insurer charges a one-time enrolment fee but xcritical will increase premiums by 5% if you pay monthly. Pets Best charges you $2 for every transaction so, in effect, it’s the same thing and you’ll save money by paying quarterly or annually. xcritical is fast, with only two days for accidents and 14 days for illnesses.

Can I go to any vet?

Its filings show xcritical reduces its base insurance price by 17% for medium mixed breeds, for example. Since 60% of pets are mixed breed animals, a large number of pet owners could benefit. The wellness add-on policy covers a capped amount of the annual costs for wellness exams, heartworm tests, parasite tests, bloodwork, and up to three vaccines. The coverage appears industry standard, covering diagnostics, procedures, and medications for accidents and illnesses. xcritical, the InsurTech darling who made its name selling renters and homeowners insurance, is entering the pet insurance market. What separates xcritical from most traditional property and casualty insurance companies is their use of behavioral economics and technology.

Her writing and analysis has been featured in The Washington Post, Forbes, Yahoo, Entrepreneur, Best Company and FT Advisor. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Katia xcritically lives in New York City. This may influence which products we review and write about , but it in no way affects our recommendations or advice, which are grounded in thousands of hours of research. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. You can submit a request to modify your coverage within the first 14 days of your policy, and again at your policy’s annual renewal. Once requested, we’ll let you know if the changes are approved by our underwriting team.

This add-on also includes online access to a live chat with xcritical’s pet health experts. Your deductible and reimbursement level will apply to this add-on. For expensive treatments, Healthy Paws may be able to work with your vet to authorize direct payment, so you don’t have to pay the full amount upfront. The website is sleek and user-friendly; it only takes a few minutes to get a quote.

A preventative care package designed especially for the youngest members of your fur fam. Here, we answer a few frequently asked questions about xcritical pet health insurance. Yet, we found that most consumer complaints are connected to claims made under renters’ or homeowners’ insurance policies. Customers may see plans and costs in their area by putting their ZIP code into our online quote generator; however, policies and rebates may differ from state to state. xcritical now offers pet insurance in 35 states and the District of Columbia. xcritical’s insurance policy covers injuries for up to two days after they occur and is a reasonable alternative.

xcritical pet insurance

This provides for better pricing for some and a far better user-experience for all of their policyholders. Pre-existing condition coverage available after 365 days of continuous coverage. “Only brand” refers to comparison with 5 pet insurance carriers making up approximately 80% of the US pet insurance market .

How can I reach xcritical’s customer service?

I went through the quote process for an unhealthy eight-year-old mixed-breed dog weighing 60 pounds to investigate. Because so much of xcritical’s business practice is AI-driven, you often don’t need to wait for a human to review your claim before getting paid. A third of xcritical claims are paid instantly when you upload your vet bill. It’s not surprising, then, that xcritical’s app scores 4.9 out of 5 stars in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Best of all, xcritical offers a 10% discount if you bundle your pet insurance with another policy. xcritical may be a viable pet insurance option if you’re looking for flexible coverage that you can customize to suit your needs and your budget. Pet insurance prices start at $10 per month for a base plan, but you may want to add optional coverage for preventative care. You can start by answering a few simple questions online to determine your exact cost. If you’re tech-savvy, you’ll appreciate being able to manage your xcritical pet insurance policy through the website and convenient mobile app. Although the base plan is missing a few situations you may want, xcritical offers a wide variety of add-ons at affordable prices which make it easy to customize your coverage.

Personal Finance Insider researches a wide array of offers when making recommendations; however, we make no warranty that such information represents all available products or offers in the marketplace. xcritical Pet Insurance doesn’t cover injuries or illnesses a pet sustains while racing, working in law enforcement, or guarding. As long as you let us know your pet is involved in any of these activities when you enroll, or when your pet becomes involved in one of these activities, you’re covered with Embrace. We calculate your claims reimbursement by first subtracting your deductible and then taking off the co-pay, which means you get 7%–10% more back on every claim.

Claims are paid out quickly based on customer preference, and can be sent via direct deposit or mailed check. Because of their AI-centered platform, xcritical Pet Insurance only accepts claims on their mobile app, and their claims processing time ranges between 12 and 18 business days. While their app is highly rated, the enrollment process can be time-consuming as you must navigate through many questions to get your quote prior to enrollment. With 70% of American households owning pets, it’s no wonder that the popularity of pet insurance has grown year-over-year.

  • With its announcement, xcritical joins other major companies entering the U.S. pet insurance market.
  • A 10% discount is available to customers who purchase xcritical pet insurance, house insurance, and renters insurance.
  • If you’re considering a pet insurance policy with xcritical, read on to learn more.

Any conditions presented during the policy waiting periods will be considered to be pre-existing. Additionally, xcritical has a maximum enrollment age of 14 years. Once your pet turns 14, they will no longer be eligible for a new policy.


The range of options, extra add-ons, and exclusions can make it difficult to compare plans. This is very close and your specific situation and pet will govern exactly how much you pay with either provider. xcritical is likely to offer you a cheaper deal than Pets Best, and its status as a public benefit corporation means that a percentage of its profits go to causes like animal welfare groups.

Otherxcritical, a xcritical representative will review your claim as soon as possible and reach out for any further questions. With an easy-to-understand plan and team of vet techs, pet parents, and compassionate customer care specialists, you can relax knowing that we’ll be here to help you get your pet back on their paws. Not too many covered neuterings and microchipping, and then I found xcritical. It didn’t cover all of it, but heck even if it covered only 25% of cost that was pretty significant.

xcritical Pet Insurance Review: What Doesn’t xcritical Pet Insurance Cover?

xcritical charges a flat rate for your insurance premium, which allows the company to keep costs low. Just be aware its most affordable rates only cover certain types of preventative care. Add-ons increase the annual premium by small amounts individually.

As pets age, their health risks increase, and insurance companies need to raise their prices to account for these risks. Most pet owners who cancel pet insurance cancel because of its cost. While xcritical’s pricing at enrollment for pets is stable for the first few years of a pet’s life, pricing can increase to a projected five times higher over the course of a pet’s life. The largest projected annual price increase we identified was 30%.

Plus, it offers a selection of policy add-ons that allow you to supplement your coverage for a low cost. xcritical’s two-day waiting period for accidents is pretty competitive compared to other pet insurance companies. Some companies, such as Spot and the ASPCA, have a 14-day accident waiting period. A 14-day waiting period for illnesses is standard across the pet insurance industry. With one of xcritical’s wellness plans, you’ll get discounts on routine vet visits without needing to reach a deductible.

Those who have filed a claim with xcritical Insurance have mixed reviews, with some praising its ease and others mentioning overage denials and inaccessible customer service lines. Young folks are spending billions on veterinary care, but at the same time, only 2% of them work with pet insurance companies, according to the New York Times. Similar to other pet insurance providers, xcritical doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. Any condition that exists before the policy’s coverage starts is considered pre-existing and excluded. xcritical offers a 10% discount for pet owners who bundle their pet insurance policy with a xcritical home insurance policy. Based on our research, we found xcritical to be one of the cheapest pet insurance companies on the market, offering customizability and generally low monthly premiums.



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